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Email Notification Service

Please sign up for the library’s Email Notification Service. Subsequently, you will get information regarding book reservations, interlibrary loans and expiring loan periods. Furthermore, a 1st and 2nd reminder will be sent by email if you exceed the loan period. Otherwise, you will only get reminders via postal mail.

Signing up

Sign up

Online form

If you would like to participate in the library’s Email Notification Service, please fill in the online registration form completely. To join the service, you have to accept the storage of your email address. Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation email.

This email contains an explanation how to confirm your email address and how to sign out of the service. Hence, please keep this email!

Confirming the email address

Just click on the 'URL1'-link in your confirmation email.

Contact & further questions


Signing out

Please click on the 'URL2'-link in your confirmation email.

Updating the email address

If you would like to change your email address please sign out of the service, then re-sign up again with the new email address.