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Interlibrary Loan

By using the interlibrary loan (ILL) you have the opportunity to get books and articles from journals and books not available at a library in Osnabrück.

Getting started

Ordering ILL-requests

Online form

Before starting an order please check if the requested book or article is available at the University Library, the Library of the Hochschule Osnabrück or the Municipal Library (Stadtbibliothek Osnabrück). In this case an interlibrary loan is not possible.

To start an interlibrary loan, you have to have a valid library card. The fee for an order is 1.50 Euros. You order the number of ILL-requests you need by completing a form. The ordered number of requests will then be credited to your inter-library loan account, and we will debit the sum to your library account at UB Osnabrueck.

Ordering books and articles

To order books please use the catalogue of our library network GVK, where you can change to the English user interface. After finding the respective title you choose "loan request".

To order journal articles there are two possibilities:

  • In GVK you can search for journal titles only and have to complete the order by adding the article data.
  • In Online Contents and GVK-PLUS you can search for articles. After finding the journal or the article you want please choose "copy request".

Log into your ILL-account with the number and password of your UB Osnabrueck library card and complete the form adding your name and address. You may also choose the library department to which your order shall be delivered.

After delivery

Renewing the loan period

Online form

When the book or the copy has been delivered and if you have registered for our notification service, you will receive an email.
Please pick up delivered books within the next 7 days, afterwards they will be returned. You can keep copies of articles. They are available for pickup for one month after delivery.

To renew the loan period you have to fill in a form. A renewal on your library account or at the desk is not possible.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask the library staff.